Hyenas at Stureplan in Sweden

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By Olabo. Found at Gatukonst.se.

The place of this work are at Stureplan, the streets were the riches hanging around at nigh.
The party home of the Brats/Hyenas.

Translation of the “infoboard”

The hyenas at Stureplan

Hyenas. (lat. Hyaenidae) is a family in the predatory species (carnivore). The exterior much resembles human, but belong to the subspecies scavenging brats (wrongformia). The family today consists of four subspecies, were of one, the Stureplans brat (or Stockholm brat) occur in Stureplan and during the summer half of the year in Båstad, Halmstad, Visby and Sandhamn.

The Stureplan hyena is divided in two subfamilies where one family of so called brats, which consists of three species which are scavengers or hunts vertebrates, while the second family consists of “Partyfixers” (or Club arranger) who mostly feed on easy impressed Swedes.

The family arose during the 70s in the clubs Alexandra and Tramps, during the 80s in Café Opera and Vickan. Jocke Langer and DJ Klibbe-di-klabbe is considered pioneers for the broadening of the hyenas in Stockholm. The Hyenas closest relatives are the predators within the family of Doormen (or Clubguard), who occur almost all over Sweden. The biggest threat against the hyenas is mans increasing self esteem, and insight that they can fix the party themselves.

In large groups the hyenas can pose a threat towards individuals in society, and therefore increasing solidarity and communion have heavily decreased their influence in smaller societies with stronger social unity.

Movement and activity

Hyenas are not shy of people and sometimes move around closely to working societies. Hyenas are alchowalkers and reside almost solely in bars. They lack the ability to have gainful employment but have no problems to move around in rowdy environments. All species are acceptable. For instance a high tipped noble hyena can dance 50 km per night. Hyenas are mostly active by night. They start their search to feed at dusk, becoming more active by night and become desperate for pray at dawn.
However some big city hyenas can be active daytime when sunny weather occurs. As rule they generally rest the day away in condos, dads house or secondhand rented one room apartments in the suburb.

Social behavior

In regions where the population is dense, a hierarchy arises in the group. Males and females have their own preference system but are equal towards eachother. The Stureplans hyena has a behavior which is unique among the predators and can in closes resemblance be compared to some monkeys, for instance baboons. The Stureplans hyena lives in clans with up to 80 individuals which at times divide into smaller groups before reuniting for the after party.
They live in Matriarchy and have a permanent hierarchy. The position in the hierarchy can be inherited and mothers help their daughters to gain the same position in the order. The male position is depending on how long they have lived in the group and how much flash they have but they will always be subordinate to the females. Hyenas are territory vindication animals. The size of the territory depends on the access to clubs and chicks. In Stockholm, with lots of pray, the territory for the clubhyena extends to the whole inner city region. In dry areas, in south and north suburbs the territory for the clubhyena, extend across the whole red and green line (subway lines in Stockholm). In the blue line there is a subspecies called Farstaglitter. Farstaglitter is however not a real hyena, but only replicates the hyena behavior to get to the hyena females. Officially, this
doesn’t succeed very often. The boundaries of the territory, is marked liquid from the anal glands. The hyena marks by crouching and leaving fluid with its behind against drink tables or different objects. If an unknown individual is found in the territory, the hyena will try to chase the intruder away. If the intruder doesn’t give up it will be forced away. In rare occasions, a fight will arise and where individuals will bite each other or call on the door guard.


Hyenas generally wander alone in large areas with loud music therefore smell the sense of smell plays a significant role for communication. In the subfamily of club arrangers a specific greeting ritual exists when members of different clans meet each other. They sniff the nose or the anal glands, or lick with their tongue along the counterparts back. With the Stureplans hyenas erections of the sex organs often occur. Three of four species are comparably quite. They growl or whine a little, but it can only be heard over short distances. The most well known calling reminiscent the human laughter or giggling. Which indicates that a individual accepts the lower status in the hierarchy.

The feeding for the hyena differs depending on species, and therefore claim different cultural niche. The Stureplan hyena generally feed on Slitz chicks (Swedish magazine) from the suburb. Chicks from this breed generally form large groups that nighttime wander through the city and becomes a easy pray for the hyena. The hyena devours the chicks by licking them with their sticky tongue. Some chicks give of an evil eye which harms other mammals. The hyena however is insensitive to the evil eye, and therefore avoids competition of the food.

Reproduction and propagation

The mating behavior differs between the species. Promiscuity often occurs, meaning that different males and females reproduce with more than one individual. Among the Stureplans hyena polyandry occurs, where one female have several males, even if this is handled very discrete. Even the selection criteria differ. Sometimes the female chooses a partner among nomadic males that roam near the clans territory. But females also chooses up to 40% more aggressive and prevailing males from other territories for instance “Södermalm” or “Orten”, instead of the male that lives in the own territory.

Despite this the Stureplans hyena, since many years, suffers from inbreed, something that utters itself by weaker individuals, drug abuse with following megalomania and in general bad judgment. Attempts to thin out the clan by shooting of, or introducing new hyenas in the pack from other countries have been done for years, but have frequently been stopped by “Members only nights”.
This sign has been placed 2011 by Stockholms street and property office in collaboration with

Östermalms Community administration

Translation by Dumb one LTK We know feelings!

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