106 of the most beloved Street Art photos – Year 2021

Hey and welcome to 2021 years photo collection of 106 of the most beloved photos posted on Facebook, Twitter and here on streetartutopia.com.

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Flower Power by Fábio Gomes Trindade in Goiás, Brasil (3 artworks)

  • My son, do you want to hear something strange?
    – Yes! What?
  • You know the new tree painting we did on the garage last week.. Up until around the year 2050 people generally did not have paintings on houses!
    – What? Were they grey?
  • Well, yes, many were. Often they would paint villas in One colour, like blue or yellow, but very rarely in more than one or two colours and almost never any pictures. Most apartment houses and government buildings and so on were grey. Artists sometimes went and painted on tunnels, grey municipal buildings and so on, but the pictures were washed away! By the government!
    – …Was art forbidden?
  • Well no, but it had to be in special buildings only. Some people felt that houses was not to be painted on, except in one pale colour all over.
    – Wow.. How dull.
  • Yes, my son. Now lets get our jackets and go pick some fruit.

12 photos: The Most Beautiful Steps in Peru
l7matrix Jellyfish Series (8 photos)
Looking tyred – Elephant sculpture made of tires by Villu Jaanisoo
An artwork visible only in a specific time of the day
A forester planted a few larch trees in the Douglas fir forest in Oregon to create a smiley face
Street (cat) Art by SWIFTMANTIS in Papaioea, New Zealand (4 photos)
Dirty Van Art (19 photo collection)
White Black Straight Gay Religious Atheist Pirate
Photography – By David Villaecija in Madrid, Spain
Black Fox – In Riga, Latvia (4 photos)

Street Art by David Zinn – Nadine and the Surprisingly Effective Joke (3 photos)
Flower mural by OGMillie and Floratorium in New York (5 photos)
Ghost sculptures in the castle of Vezio, Italy (12 photos)
Eroded Rubik’s Cube in the Netherlands
It’s never too late to pursue your passion
11 photos of Mushroom Ballerinas by street artist fruktyvrukty
3D Mural in Mannheim, Germany
6 pics: Darth Fisher (by Frankey in Amsterdam)
Banksy in towns on the east coast of England (7 new artworks)
Wile E. Coyote sand sculpture
Street Art by HIJACK – A Collection (42 photos)
Mural by Cosimo Cheone Caiffa in Milano, Italy
Graffiti removal guy comes back to discover image of himself
“Head in the sand” Beach art by Ian Mutch in Australia (6 artworks)
Street Art by Vinie – A Collection (24 photos)
Street Art by Vinie – A Collection (24 photos)
By Shozy in Solnechnogorsk, Russia for International Mural Festival.
Teach Peace
By Tianooo The Cat in in Manchester, England and Berlin, Germany.
Squirrel picnic table
Street Art by Oakoak (6 photos)
Street Art Bird by DAN23 in Strasbourg, France
EVERGREEN Street Art by Pappas Pärlor in Motala, Sweden
Cuteness overload! Chalk Art by David Zinn (6 photos)
By Kitt Benett in Melbourne, Australia
Girl with blue Pearl Eyes
3D graffiti train by ODEITH
Rainbow Staircase by Maratto in Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy
6 photos: Land Art Sculpture by Jon Foreman at Lindsway Bay, Wales, UK
Mural by HUGE in Götene, Sweden
Make Earth Green Again – By HIJACK

By My Dog Sighs in Wynwood, Miami, Florida
CYCLOPS – Dirty Van Art by Pro Boy Nick
Interview with Swedish street artist Herr Nilsson (+18 artworks)
By Martín Ron in San Telmo, Buenos Aires (3 photos)
A Little man in the brick wall
Wendy! I’m HOME!
Bernie Sanders Meme – in Los Angeles, USA (3 photos)
Rainbow Carrier – By Kenny Random
Superman Raising the Barn (4 photos)
The only good nation is imagination
Street Art by David Zinn (3 photos)
Street Artist JR Waiting for cinema to re-open
Respect my existence or expect my resistance
Please do not feed the Great Wheat Sharks
By SCAF – Lion in abandoned building
Just Gravity
Street Art by JR – “The Wound” They say the museums are closed but we still have the freedom to dream
Street Art by Oakoak (6 photos)
“UMI” Sculpture by Daniel Popper in Lisle, Illinois
Stork Nest Mural by Oriol Arumí in Lleida, Spain
Snow is fun (26 photos)
Street Art Destroy Racism – Collection of anti-racist art
Davy Jones in Normandy by graffiti artists Blesea and BABY.K
HOMER “The Simpsom” by graffitiartist DavidL in Barcelona
Eyebombing Bulgaria (7 photos)
Balloon zombie weakness by EFIX
The weight on a mother’s shoulders
Mural by AG PNT in Eden, North Carolina
Ninja Turtles vs Mario (2 photos)
By Falko One in Cape Town, South Africa (2 photos 2 video)
Time to turn the heat down
Mural by Julien De Casabianca in Memphis
In memory of Daft Punk by graffiti artist Pieksa in Zabłocie, Krakow, Poland
The live plants needed time to grow – By Fin DAC in Portland
Hard Life for heroes
Street Art about Palestine vs Israel in Napoli, Italy
By STRØK in Aberdeen, Scotland (5 photos)
Staircase with koi fishes, which means good luck in Asia
Mimic wasp by Odeith
The Pixel Bird by Ricky Said and DISE in Turin, Italy (9 photos)
6 photos: Sculpture in Bristol, UK for World Suicide Prevention Day
3D illusion by Smates in Kessel-Lo, Belgium
Nadine’s Evening of Adventure – Chalk art by David Zinn
Mural by Isakov in Berlin, Germany
“The Plessurfischer” – Mural by Fabian Bane Florin in Chur, Switzerland
6 pics: Delete Facebook? – By Nafir in Berlin, Germany
By Carlosalberto GH – In Chiapas, Mexico (6 photos)
3D Street Art by Braga Last One in Nantes, France (7 photos)
I Am A Unicorn
I give you a flower
Yoda by Scaf Oner and ABYS in Béthune, France
By OAKOAK in Auchel, France at Festival Les Petits Bonheurs.
By Vance in Taijiang County, Guizhou, China.
By Oriol Arumi at Torrefarrera Street Art Festival in Torrefarrera, Cataluna, Spain.
Polish mural that the world admires “It is the icing on the cake of Śródka in Poznań”
George Washingstone Stone & Pebble Portrait by Justin Bateman (+8 more artworks)
Powerful statues made of stainless steel nuts (by Jean Martin in Saint Barth)
Guerrilla art in Jerusalem by Talya Tomer-Schlesinger
People do not pretend to be depressed they pretend to be happy
Old man and the sea 2.0 – By Créaéro in Morlaix, France (5 photos)
Wanna play hide and seek with wolf? (wolf and red riding hood in Paris, 8 photos)
‘Story of friendship.’ By Batist Vermeulen in Antwerp, Belgium (3 photos)
Mural by HERA of Herakut in Vincennes, France (8 photos)
Oakoak: Do Not Feed The Elephant
Shut up and eat your greens (and 4 more pearl works by Pappas Pärlor)
Math with Bart Simpson
The natural movement of this cat sculpture is amazing
The Cat Trace (Caturday #69)
House turned into a giant cardboard box with a cat
King Betta mural by Clara Leff in Fafe, Portugal
The barriers children have to overcome (by Chemis in Czech Republic)


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