For me street art has to use urban elements

Street Artist OAKOAK

By OAKOAK in Auchel, France at Festival Les Petits Bonheurs.

OAKOAK: “For me street art has to use urban elements. It’s the most important thing for street art. Using and playing with things you find in the street.”

Since 2006, OAKOAK has had streets, walls, sidewalks and roads as its playground. Originally from Saint Etienne, he sticks his drawings in each of the places he crosses in order to create a smile in the pedestrian at the bend of a street where he does not expect it. 

His approach consists of diverting urban elements, playing with flaws that at first glance seem of no particular interest, such as cracks in a wall. He thus adds his own vision, his own references which often relate to the geek universe. A way of imagining the urban space in a more poetic way.

More street art by Oakoak on Street Art Utopia.

Gaston Lagaffe
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