Street Art Destroy Racism – Collection of anti-racist art

Anti-racist Street Art

We building a collection of anti-racist street art. You can give your contribution here.

Racism is a Virus by ZABOU in London, UK


Racism is a virus, a sickness we need to fight and eradicate together! ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 I will never understand, but I stand with you.

This portrait is based on a powerful photo by @futurehackney taken during the Black Lives Matter protests in London. This mural will definitely stay for a while – a reminder that inequalities and injustices happen every day, tearing countless lives and families apart, and that the fight against racism and discriminations can never stop.⁣ ⁣⁣

Banksy satirizing racism.

“Just because I am Black“ “Who is next?”

aleXsandro Palombo:

The racial issue is always the same, it has been rooted there for centuries. It is a cultural and transversal problem that spreads with the virus of stereotype, prejudice and ignorance. It is everyone’s problem because it does not affect a single ethnic group only and there will be no end until governments take the right measures to prevent and prosecute racist violence with strong laws. Only if  we implemente strong policies involving the whole education system we will succeed in countering the spread of racial discrimination in future generations. The most effective vaccine remains the education for human rights, diversity, equality and inclusiveness

Graffiti artwork in Millfield to promote unity. By Nathan Murdoch in Leicester, UK.

Peterborough communities come together to eradicate racism through graffiti art:

While walking around the Millfield area, Karima Shah, Founder of Diaspora Arts Charity, noticed a number of racist symbols and phrases that had been drawn in graffiti along underpasses.

The underpass between Taverners Road and Mayor’s Walk was a particular hotspot for racist graffiti, so Karima and Nick Woods of Diaspora knew something had to be done about it.

Nick Woods, Co-Founder of Diaspora Arts Charity said: “We wanted to address this revolting graffiti which simply has no place. Not just by cleaning it up and covering over it, but by encouraging local residents and communities to participate in transforming the spaces. To take ownership and contribute to building and strengthening community ties.”

Mural in memory of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

D.C. Mayor Has ‘Black Lives Matter’ Painted On Street Near White House.

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