Polish mural that the world admires “It is the icing on the cake of Śródka in Poznań”

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    Mural in Śródka by Radosław Barek

    By Radosław Barek in Śródka a Neighbourhood in Poznań, Poland.

    East of the Ostrów Tumski at ul Śródka 3 in the Śródka district, you’ll see a magnificent mural painted on the side of a building, which depicts Śródka in the 1920s. Painted by artist Radosław Barek, the mural features some really interesting characters such as a fat-bellied butcher, a trumpeter, a cat and Władysław Odonic, the Duke of all Greater Poland at the time. The mural is very clever because it appears to be three-dimensional. If you approach the mural from the east (tram stop Rondo Śródka), then it suddenly rises up as a colourful mirage in the village atmosphere of Śródka.

    Read more about the mural on National Geographic.

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