6 photos: Land Art Sculpture by Jon Foreman at Lindsway Bay, Wales, UK

Land Artist Jon Foreman

“Below” (2021), created by Jon Foreman at Lindsway Bay, Wales, UK.

Jon Foreman: Wanted to do this one for a while, great to do this drawing style again and get lost in the process. Good weather always helps too. This illusion/composition isn’t nearly as complex as you’d expect, just a bunch of circles really. Then I just add in all the patterns like many of my previous works. There is however a mistake which is very easy to spot, I’ll leave that for you guys to work out.

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“Extimus Lux”
Explosia, (2021) at Freshwater West, Wales, UK

Jon Foreman: Often I get to a location not knowing what I’m about to create, this was one of those days. Upon starting all I had in mind was to start with big stones and work my way down to small stones. After a while it became apparent that this was turning into a work very similar to that of Dietmar Voorwold (who btw you should all check out cause his work is awesome!) anyway my point is there are things that I do in land art such as playing with scale/ colour that lead me to places that have already been discovered and it was completely unintentional for it to look like his work, I tried to then add my own style to it by dispersing the stones. Once I got so far I had to finish it having spend a good few hours on it already. Anyway I hope its seen more as a nod to an awesome artist than me copying his work.

“Calefacio Stella”, (2021) at Freshwater West, Wales, UK
“Exspergo Luna” (2021) at Freshwater West, Wales, UK

Jon Foreman: A very time consuming way of working, the stones being compact and interlocking makes for a more solid piece but I could resist a disperse inwards. For some reason this style reminds me of jelly beans. Probably cause of the randomness of the angles that they’re placed.

Also, recalling the light from photographing a previous moon piece. I chose to wait a while seeing a cloud heading my way and went for the capture while the cloud was thin so that there would still be shadow, but not too harsh a shadow.

Consumo (2021) at Freshwater West, Wales, UK


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