+30 pics: Anti-war graffiti in Russia

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    Found according to Tayga in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia

    Stencil in Novosibirsk denouncing the invasion of Ukraine

    This is some of all new street art, tags and graff against Vladimir Putins war on Ukraine. All made inside of Russia.

    “No to war” graffiti spread across Russia but are quickly painted over. Here in Lipetsk:

    In reaction to the Russian authorities’ ban on talking about war and even more on writing anti-war slogans graffiti… The idea is spreading of replacing the word war with shit. An example here at Yekaterinburg “No to shit”:

    According to Russian courts protest with this poster is discrediting Russian military. Anti-war activist was fined with 450 euro for it. #Russia // Also seen in Saint Petersburg, a graffiti using asterisks instead of the forbidden slogan “no to war”

    In Perm, Russia:

    Murals glorifying Putin appear in to Russia… But… Here, in Yekaterinburg, the patriotic mural on which was written “For determination, For courage, For you” has been defaced. Russian red words say Tribunal. Tribunal. At the bottom, Fuck war has been spray painted.

    In Moscow, Russia:

    In Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

    This is not what we usually post (but love). Remember that doing this graffiti is lot more dangerous that normal. So fast is key.


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