Mulas (porteadoras) – By TARDOR ROSELLÓ in Benigembla, Spain


By TARDOR ROSELLÓ at at the BIMAU festival in Benigembla, Spain.

TARDOR ROSELLÓ: Like the condemnation of Atlas, they carry the weight of the world behind them. The cargo that these female porters pass through the border is considered carry-on luggage and is therefore tax-free, a business that unscrupulous merchants and drug traffickers know well. Again and again they have to roll, drag, hold, push again and charge through the tumult. “You must always look ahead because you must feed the family, among those who carry the burden there are also young people of 14 and 15 years old, I will never let my children do this work” Nora, a carrier for 16 years. I recommend you to seek more information about the situation of these people.

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