“Positive Light” by Alaniz in Stornara, Italy

Muralist Alaniz

“Positive Light” by Alaniz at Stornara Street Art festival Stramurales in Stornara, Italy.

Alaniz about the mural: “Positive light” Due to the traumatic experiences I faced growing up, I developed many negative patterns of thought, trust issues, fears of betrayment, of abandonment. Eventually this fears took over my head and I became depressed and anxious. Years of reflection and analysis helped me to understand that most of those fears and thoughts were just mirages created by the traumatic experiences I had, and that they couldn’t hurt me. Fears and intrusive thoughts are like bats, they may seem scary, but when you see them under a different light, you come to understand that they aren’t as scary as they seem to be at first. This wall is about opening a window in your mind to a different approach of life and trough this, drive away the thoughts that may be baffling you.

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