A Dona do Esteiro: Lula Goce’s Stunning New Mural Celebrates Nature and Womanhood in Ramallosa, Galicia

Lula Goce, a renowned Spanish street artist, has unveiled a breathtaking new mural in Ramallosa, Galicia. Titled “A Dona do Esteiro,” the piece pays tribute to her mother and the strength, perseverance, and womanhood she embodies.

Lula Goce’s work is inspired by the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Estuario da Foz, which connects the three regions that make up Val Miñor.

This powerful artwork depicts Mother Nature nurturing her surroundings, maintaining a balance that supports all living beings, including humans. It serves as a reminder that we should respect and care for our environment, as it, in turn, takes care of us.

Follow Lula Goce on Instagram to stay up-to-date with her latest works, projects, and insights into her creative process. Let her powerful, evocative art inspire you to see the world from a fresh perspective.

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