Ignition – By NEVERCREW in Luzern (9 photos and video)

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    Photos by Nevercrew in Luzern, Switzerland

    NEVERCREW Swiss-Italian street artists

    By NEVERCREW (Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni) at Murbacherstrasse 20, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland. For Stadt Luzern.

    NEVERCREW: Starting from the peculiar structure of the wall and its safety stairs, we based the idea on a vertical propensity, on layering, on the possibility to look the same context from different points of view, on detachment from the ground and the planet, on the constant exchange that exist between all the parts of the overall environment. We then built a project about the relationship between humankind and nature, with a specific focus on human responsibility both in the damages and in the possible solutions, on the global warming and on a global and emphatic perception of the environment that too often is replaced by a narrow, deformed, detached and cynical look based on economical criterions; on consume and abuse.

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