“STREET ART IN EXARCHIA” – Documentary from Greece

For a form of art so misunderstood as street art, it is only natural to find roof within a neighborhood equally – for many people- misunderstood. A lively area, constantly alerted and restless, mysterious and colorful. Exarchia, located in the centre of Athens.
In this film we collect moments of the urban scenery of Exarchia and the culture behind it. Exarchia’s walls and streets, interviews with art specialists, residents of Exarchia and of course street artists who talk with us about this subculture and controversial subject.

A long but fast movie (42 minutes), dressed with underground greek music, which apart from the presentation of the participants’ opinion, is an archive (2013-2015) of beautiful, ugly, imaginative and politically oriented graffiti in Exarchia. Freedom of speech or vandalism?

Direction: George Fiorakis
Editing: Alexander Haritakis
Graphics: Afroditi Bitzouni- Indivisuals Design Collective
Music selection: Manolis Fiorakis
Proofreading: Lila Tzamousi, Nana Kanakaki
English subs: Dimitra Fasfali

Video by http://www.inExarchia.com

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