Hell to Hell: Goin’s Powerful Street Art in Cruz Quebrada, Lisbon Sheds Light on Refugee Struggles

Goin, a well known street artist, has recently unveiled a moving and eye-opening artwork on Cruz Quebrada beach in Lisbon, Portugal. The piece captures the dehumanizing bureaucracy refugees face when they arrive at their destination, shedding light on this pressing issue.

The artwork, titled “Hell to Hell,” was created using stencil technique and portray a refugee wearing a life jacket and torn clothes, with a numbered bracelet on his wrist. The number 666 on the wristband symbolizes the impersonal and inhumane treatment refugees receive upon arrival, reduced to mere numbers by the bureaucratic system.

By choosing Cruz Quebrada beach as the location for this piece, Goin ensured that both locals and tourists would see his powerful message. The artist’s intention was to create an artwork that would capture the attention of passers-by and raise awareness of the difficult reality that refugees face. Goin believes that art has the power to inspire action and hopes that his work will encourage people to help those in need.

In an interview, Goin explains the meaning behind his artwork: “This artwork is a manifestation of resistance against the dehumanizing bureaucracy that refugees face. Through this artwork, I want to draw attention to the plight of refugees and remind everyone that we must do our part to help those who need it most. The number 666 is a symbol of the bureaucratic system, not the refugees themselves. They are human beings, not evil beings!”

The installation of “Hell to Hell” on Cruz Quebrada Beach is part of Goin’s larger body of socially engaged street art that seeks to raise awareness of pressing social issues. With its powerful message and artistic execution, Goin’s work has gained worldwide recognition.

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