Cuteness overload! Chalk Art by David Zinn (6 photos)


    Rabbit ballet requires focus and willpower because the tutus are delicious.

    Chalk Artist David Zinn

    By David Zinn in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More by David Zinn on Street Art Utopia.

    David Zinn specializing in small-scale, improvised and (mostly) light-hearted chalk art. Scientists say, people who are creative, have brains that try to make things complete, out of pieces they see. David Zinn bring those thoughts to life in his drawings.

    Val almost immediately regretted choosing the deluxe “realistic engine sounds” option.
    His Mistress’s Voice.
    Travel tip always choose a vehicle with well-upholstered seats and a positive attitude.
    In case of reasonable expectations, break glass.
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