9 Of The Most Beloved Street Art Photos – #4 Nov 2023

“Prepare to be illuminated” by Elle Koziupa in Sheffield, UK with Global Street Art.

In Sheffield, UK, Elle Koziupa casts a glow on brick and mortar with “Prepare to be illuminated”, in collaboration with Global Street Art. The mural features a woman bathed in the golden light of candles, her expression a silent contemplation that speaks volumes.

It’s a cozy scene that brings a sense of warmth to the cityscape, yet there’s a touch of solitude in her eyes that gently tugs at the heartstrings. This piece of street art wraps you up in a visual embrace, inviting a moment of quiet reflection in the bustling urban life.

By StraightEdge Creative in Elwood, Indiana.

Elwood, Indiana, now hosts a soaring spectacle on its once-plain walls. StraightEdge Creative has unfurled a mural of an eagle in mid-flight, its feathers a blaze of colors against the stark, white backdrop.

This mural is a burst of joy—a symbol of freedom and spirit that lifts the soul. Yet, beneath its vibrant wings lies a poignant reminder of the wild’s call to the skies, a call often muted in the hum of city life. It’s a beautiful contradiction: a wild creature painted on a man-made surface, urging us to look up and remember the open skies.

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