2 Photos of “Morphos” by Filite in Taboão da Serra, Brazil

Street Artist Filite

“Morphos” by Filite in Taboão da Serra, Brazil, for Graffiti Contra Enchente.

Dive into the vibrant streets of Taboão da Serra, Brazil, where “Morphos” by Filite comes alive. This piece captures the essence of metamorphosis, blending human features with nature’s beauty. As a passerby strolls, seemingly unaware, one can’t help but feel the poignant contrast of bustling daily life against art’s eternal stillness. In this lively urban canvas, Filite prompts us to pause and marvel, even if just for a fleeting moment. Street art, after all, bridges worlds, doesn’t it?

Filite (translation): Transforming through paint what I believe to be the human challenge. I don’t know about you, but day by day I realize just how fragile my convictions are. How insignificant my control over anything that doesn’t pertain to my own choices is. Painting fragmented portraits in butterflies is like freezing a moment, an action that’s impossible in real life… everything lives and vibrates in constant motion. But here, time has stopped 🙏 stopped for me and for anyone who dedicates a minute of life to connect with it.

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