7 Photos and Video of “Gravity” by Leon Keer in Wuppertal, Germany

3D Street Artist Leon Keer

“Gravity” by Leon Keer in Wuppertal, Germany, for Urbaner KunstRaum Wuppertal (UKW).

This captivating image showcases a modern building adorned with a magnificent piece of street art. Painted on a large white canvas-like portion of the building is an assortment of multicolored, vivid marbles, each with its own unique swirls and patterns. They are painted with such precision and detail that they seem almost three-dimensional, as if they might spill out of the building at any moment.

Matching the art on the building, a solitary marble is painted on the ground below, blending seamlessly with its surroundings. The play of light and shadow on this ground-level marble adds to its realistic appearance, creating the illusion that it has just rolled away from the pile above.

In the backdrop, the blue sky is speckled with a wisp of white clouds, contrasting brilliantly with the vibrant hues of the artwork. Nearby buildings and greenery offer context to this urban setting, and the quiet street provides a peaceful ambiance. This remarkable piece of street art not only serves as a testament to the artist’s skill but also introduces a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the cityscape, evoking memories of simpler times and childhood games.

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Photo by Dieter Wundes.
Photo by Dieter Wundes.
Photo by Dieter Wundes.


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