3 Photos of Train Mural by NESSÉ in Le Crey, Susville, France

Muralist NESSÉ

By NESSÉ at Rocade Sud at 134 Rue de la Gare in Le Crey, Susville, France.

NESSÉ about the mural: I am pleased to present to you my latest work on the gable of the old Peychagnard-Crey station, along the audacious metric gauge railway of Train de la Mure providing connection with the S.N.C.F. line. des Alpes (Grenoble<>Marseille) in Saint Georges de Commiers. This fresco brings this building back to life, witness to the strong traffic of anthracite trains going down to Grenoble during the mining days. Mineral paint and ochres on lime coating sprayed with a zip line, 8 m x 10 m. A large part of the ocher color of the original coating has been preserved, only white and ivory, taupe gray and umber colors have been added


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