Murals “Mayáhuel” and “Ehecatl” by Zero3 in Mexico City

Muralist Zero3

Murals “Mayáhuel” and “Ehecatl” by Zero3 in Mexico City.

Zero3 about the murals: Approach to a symbolic interpretation of the creation story of Pulque: Many ancient texts hide within their symbolism and metaphors the practices and teachings of esotericism that are only visible to the eyes of a few initiates. This is the case with the myth of the creation of Pulque, which outlines the steps to follow to alchemically create an elixir with special attributes compared to common pulque.

According to the myth, the first step should be a sacred purpose for making this drink, and it should be made by a priest or shaman, meaning you must have personal power for this to work (Quetzalcoatl speaking to the gods). Afterward, you should look for a virgin Maguey leaf, and this should be done at night and in the rainy season.

The maguey should be taken to another site where two specific plants grow and replanted (Quetzalcoatl rescuing Princess Mayahuel from her grandmother Tzitzímitl to then bury themselves together turned into branches).

The agave nectar should be extracted during an eclipse night and combined with three other parts of the same agave, then everything should be buried together and then deprived of air so that it ferments (the Tzitzimime tearing Mayahuel into pieces and then Quetzalcoatl-Ehecatl burying her remains before leaving). The resulting drink is a sacred Pulque, which should only be consumed after proper spiritual preparation.


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