“The Hound of Ulster“ – Modern Mythology: Mural by Mister Copy in Dundalk, Ireland (7 photos and video)

Post Graffiti Artist Mister Copy

“The Hound of Ulster“ – Modern Mythology mural by Mister Copy in Dundalk, Ireland for Seek Dundalk.

Mister Copy about the mural: This folklore is a tale of a young boy, Setanta, who exceeds strength amongst others at his age. After getting in a outweighed battle amongst a hound at the kings castle, he surprises many, only to become the “Hound of Ulster” and his spirit animal is born as the great warrior “Cú Chulainn “. In the mythologies of many countries can be found tales of young heroes, who lose their lives while in their prime, yet achieve undying fame. The Greeks have Achilles and Hercules, and among Gaelic heroes none can compare with local legend Cúchulainn, “The Hound of Ulster”. Born ‘Setanta’ near the town of Dundalk, at a place called Castletown Motte, better known nowadays as Cú Chulainn’s Castle.

Mister Copy about this serie: “Modern Mythology” is my recent series of artworks, where I focus on ancient tales of Gods and Goddesses from different cultures around the world, only to add my own modern day twist to it by displaying these prolific figures in a way that people can relate too.


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