Siberian Tiger by Alegria del Prado in Balashikha, Russia (6 photos)

Muralist Alegria del Prado

White Siberian Tiger Mural by Alegria del Prado with the help of Octavio Alegria in Balashikha, Russia for International Mural Festival.

Alegria del Prado: My work is based on the use of animals and plants as symbols. This time, I researched the fauna that can be found in Russia and chose the Siberian tiger, which, to my taste, may somehow represent the Russian people because of its strength and beauty. It doesn’t really have a literal explanation of the elements that might appear in the image, I think the animals themselves are already expressing emotions and ideas to those who contemplate them.

International Mural Festival: This is a collaboration of two artists – Octavio Alegria from Mexico and Esther del Prado from Spain. They have been working together since 2010. In their work, they mainly create dream worlds, calling for harmony between nature and the modern world. Interestingly, to create this mural, Octavio did not use any projector or markup. How did he do it, let’s keep it a secret.

More by Alegria del Prado: Mural of cats and birds by Alegria del Prado in Carballo, Spain

Photo by @prosto__krasivoe


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