Making Waves: Martín Ron’s New 35 Meter Mural in Miramar, Argentina

Welcome to Miramar, a beautiful beach town in Argentina that is now the home to Martín Ron‘s latest breathtaking mural. Towering 35 meters high on the city’s water tower, this artwork has given new life to a beloved local icon.

Remembering his childhood vacations spent at the coast, Ron decided to recreate those feelings of endless possibilities and adventurous summers. He asked Salvadipaola and nina.casado to model for him, capturing them in a moment of refreshing splashing fun. The end product? A 360-degree mural that can be admired from various points in the city.

The beach town brought back fond memories of childhood holidays spent at the coast for Ron. Those hot, summer days when the world seemed full of promise and adventure served as his inspiration for this mural.

The mural, painted on the water tower of the beach town, was a significant challenge. But the result is a breathtaking piece of art that gives new life to an iconic location in Miramar. It offers viewers a refreshing experience, showcasing the joy of a simple splash in the water.

The next time you visit Miramar, be sure to check out this mural at Diagonal Fortunato de la Plaza and Av. 40.

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