Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame – Mural by MIKA in Bergerac, France

In the heart of the historic town of Bergerac, France, there is a new resident. This resident isn’t human but a mural brought to life by the talented artist known as MIKA.

The mural came to fruition thanks to the hard work and dedication of the 2023 ART TAK festival organizers, volunteers, and participating artists. But it was the love and support from the local community that truly made this mural special. MIKA has expressed heartfelt gratitude to the locals for their warm reception, sharing of cold drinks, and even entrusting the artist with house keys!

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A local woman, whose terrace faces the mural, has been instrumental in shaping the essence of this mural. On the first day, as MIKA was outlining the mural, she called out, asking, “Is it Carmen?” She explained how the design reminded her of the opera Carmen.

This inspired MIKA to name the mural after a song from the opera – “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle,” which translates to “love is a rebellious bird.” This phrase captures the essence of the mural perfectly, reflecting both its bold design and the spirit of the community in which it lives.

The mural’s design features a preparatory painting which MIKA has made available as a limited edition digigraphie (a high-quality digital print). The lucky owner of the wall now proudly holds one of these prints in her hands, making the connection between the mural and the community even stronger.

MIKA’s mural is more than just an artwork – it is a testament to community spirit, love, and the power of shared experiences. It symbolizes the remarkable bond between art and the community in which it thrives.

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