6 Vibrant Visions: Unearthing the Latest Street Art Wonders from Around the Globe

By Michel Biasebetti in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Hello art adventurers and welcome back to another exciting exploration of the ever-expanding universe of street art. Today, we’re setting our sights on six vibrant visions that have recently adorned the walls of cities from Florianopolis to Tampa.

We begin our journey with a captivating mural by Michel Biasebetti in Florianopolis, Brazil, before moving across the ocean to Berlin, Germany, where Spoar and Mate have crafted a nostalgic tribute to the legendary Martha Cooper. From there, we venture to Glasgow, UK, where VOID ONE and WOSKerski have added their unique touch for Yardworks 2023.

We then find ourselves in the heart of Italy, marveling at Sema Lao’s sun-soaked piece in Velletri for Memorie Urbane, before taking a detour to Penelles, Spain, to buzz around Pedro Podre’s bee-themed mural for the Gargar Festival. Our journey concludes in Tampa, Florida, US, where we encounter a brutal depiction of Hellboy by Eddie Rivera.

As we unveil these artistic treasures, we encourage you all to dive into the visual narratives and share your thoughts and impressions. Remember, each perspective adds depth to the conversation that is art.

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Anticipate another artistic voyage tomorrow as we continue our journey, unearthing the vibrant world of street art. Keep your curiosity burning, continue exploring, and never forget: The world is our canvas!

“HAPPY 80’S”- tribute to Martha Cooper by Spoar and Mate in Berlin, Germany.

Mate: Sometimes we forget the passage of time, so many moments in the history of graffiti captured by a camera, photographs that today allow the new generations of artists to get to know that distant lost, somewhat nostalgic world… That’s the reason why we would like to give a tribute to Martha Cooper for all the years of work and commitment she has dedicated to this art, giving us present and past moments that it is good not to forget. Happy 80 s Martha!!

By VOID ONE and WOSKerski in Glasgow, UK for Yardworks 2023.

More by WOSKerski: Free Range Eggxaggeration

“La Speranza nel Sole” (Hope in the Sun) by Sema Lao in Velletri, Italy for Memorie Urbane. Photo by Giselle Iaccheo.

“Beesiness” by Pedro Podre in Penelles, Spain for Gargar Festival.

“I didn’t say it was true, only that I believed it.” Hellboy by Eddie Rivera in Tampa, Florida, US.

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