7 Remarkable Revelations: Unearthing the Newest Wonders in the Street Art World

“Marilyn In Manhattan” by Zimer at 151 E Houston St. in New York, US.

Welcome to another edition of “The World Is Our Canvas!”!

In today’s collection, we’re taking you on a global artistic journey, featuring a captivating mural of Marilyn Monroe in Manhattan, a vibrant creation in Uberlandia, Brazil, a street reinterpretation of a classic painting in Napoli, a mesmerizing piece by MR CENZ in London, an eye-catching mural in Santiago, a playful post-graffiti depiction of Mario by SMOKE ONE in Rome, Italy, and a breathtakingly large street painting by KITT in Melbourne, Australia.

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Let’s dive in and explore these amazing artistic creations!

By Dequete in Uberlandia, Brazil.

One of the many street paintings in Naples

By MR CENZ in London, UK. More by MR CENZ: Princess of Peckham (mural by MR CENZ in London)

By Cristóbal Persona at Waldo Taff 6273 in Santiago, Chile for METRO21.

Post Graffiti on Mario by SMOKE ONE in Rome, Italy.

More by KITT: By Kitt Benett in Melbourne, Australia

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