19 Street Art News! – Cities in today’s edition: Miami, Tallahassee, Lozzi, Sumaré, Montargis, Purworejo, Košice, Nantes, Lugo, Velletri, A Coruña, Stadskanaal, Alcarràs and Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

By Naomi Haverland in Tallahassee, Florida.

Welcome to our first edition of “The World Is Our Canvas!” where we bring you fresh, fascinating, and awe-inspiring street art, graffiti, and murals from cities across the globe.

Each day, we dive into the colorful world of urban creativity to uncover new artistic treasures that brighten our streets and capture our imaginations. Join us as we explore the latest masterpieces, celebrate the artists behind them, and get inspired by the boundless creativity on display.

As always, we invite you to join our Facebook group, Your Local Street Art Utopia, where you can share your own street art finds and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Don’t forget to tag the artists and locations to help others discover the amazing talent behind these creations. Keep exploring the world of street art, and stay tuned for more daily discoveries in our next edition!

Let’s dive into today’s discoveries!

“La fata della sorgente di Lozzi” (the fairy of the Lozzi spring) by Andrea Ravo Mattoni for Popularte in Lozzi, Corsica, France.

“SAY MY NAME” – Tribute to Breaking Bad by GELIN in Sumaré, Brazil.

By ZEN One in Montargis, France.

The Pope Spraying FU You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me.

“Les chiens de garde” (guard dogs) by Lekto.

By RADKLES in Purworejo, Indonesia for Indo graffday 2023.

3d mural by Leon Keer in Miami, Florida, USA, for Wynwood Walls.

Tiger and graffiti mural by Grint and KAISY DKH in Košice, Slovakia.

All Cats Are Beautiful ACAB in In Jakarta, Indonesia.

By Ben Alpha in Nantes, France.

By Diego in Lugo, Spain for Urban Cores 2.

“Coronation, nice, nice” by Al Campbell in London, UK.

“Blue” by JW17.

“L’Albero della Vita” (The tree of Life) by Alaniz and Margot in Velletri, Italy for Memorie Urbane.

“O xogo” by Alba Fabre Sacristán at Rúa Río Limia in A Coruña, Spain for ISTMO fest.

By Nina Valkhoff at Utrechtselaan 6 in Stadskanaal, Netherlands for Kunstwerkt NL.

“La Collita” by CONSE in Alcarràs, Spain.

After / before Batmobile by Blesea in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, France.

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