Greetings from West Belfast, Ireland

The phrase “We Serve No King But Ireland” has its roots in Irish history, dating back to the struggle for independence from British rule that spanned several centuries. Throughout this period, Ireland witnessed numerous uprisings, political movements, and cultural revivals that aimed to establish a free and sovereign Irish nation.

One of the most significant events in Irish history was the Easter Rising of 1916, when Irish republicans staged a rebellion against British rule. Though the uprising was ultimately suppressed, it marked a turning point in the struggle for Irish independence, as it galvanized public support for the cause and led to the eventual establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922.

The phrase “We Serve No King But Ireland” also resonates with the broader context of Irish nationalism and the Celtic revival, which sought to promote and preserve Ireland’s unique culture, language, and traditions. Figures like Pádraig Pearse and W.B. Yeats played a significant role in this movement, emphasizing the importance of cultural identity as a means to assert national sovereignty.

“We Serve No King But Ireland” is a reminder of the sacrifices made by countless Irish men and women who fought for their country’s freedom and autonomy, standing up against an oppressive foreign rule.

Some more in memory of the coronation of Charles III (thanks to Radical Graffiti for the help):

Parasite adbusting in London, UK
They Don´t Care If You Fu Starve
God Save My Son by TVBOY
FU your Coronation Seen in Montreal, Quebec
“Pray tell sire, how much will this coronation be costing?” Anti-coronation poster spotted in London.
“Pay for your own pompous pageantry. #NotMyKing” Unauthorized anti-Coronation poster in a bus stop ad space in Norwich by Special Patrol Group.
Coronation party: Cheeky Prank or Bizarre Art? Giant Phallus Appears on Prestigious Royal Crescent Lawn

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