6 Dazzling Discoveries: Revealing the Latest Gems in the Street Art Universe

Welcome back to our thrilling series, where we showcase six incredible new additions to the world of street art.

In this edition, we’ll take you on a global journey to explore captivating murals ranging from a Snoop Dogg tribute in Lima, Peru, to a chilling manga-style girl with a knife in Chambéry, France.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, striking 3D illusions, and unique themes that these talented artists bring to life in their masterpieces. Let’s dive in and discover the gems of the street art universe!

1. Mural by Dumser1 in Lima, Peru

Graffiti artist Dumser1 pays tribute to hip hop legend Snoop Dogg with this extraordinary mural on bricks, showcasing his impressive skills and versatility. Located at the Graffitería Bar in Lima, Peru, this piece is a testament to Dumser1’s dedication to his craft and his team at Lima247 Art Gallery and Lima247 Graff Shop.

The artist challenges himself by stepping away from the usual smooth surfaces and embracing a unique approach to create an incredible visual experience. In his own words, Dumser1 thanks himself for never giving up, for always striving to give more without expecting anything in return, and for staying true to himself throughout his journey.

Photo by Sophie.

2. By NameK, Drop and KESMO in Chambery, France

Striking manga-inspired mural created by talented artists NameKDrop and KESMO.

By Scaf Oner in Castets, France

Follow him at his Instagram! More by Scaf Oner: Urban Wonders: Scaf’s 3D Graffiti Illusions Transform Cityscapes into Visually Captivating Masterpieces.

Mural by Duek Glez in Mexico City.

Painting that was done in the Tlahuac forest by Duek Glez.

Street Art by Shaun Burner in El Nido, Philippines

“El Nido” by Shaun Burner.

Mural by Bleseain Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, France

Featuring thr RV from Breaking bad! Follow Bleseain here.

These six gems of street art from around the world showcase the extraordinary talent and diverse styles of artists in the global urban art scene. With pieces inspired by popular culture, manga, and even nature, there’s something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. As you explore the streets in your own city or travels, keep an eye out for these stunning works of art and share your favorites with us in the Your Street Art Utopia group!

If you’ve enjoyed this collection, be sure to check out other posts in our “6 Gems” series, where we continue to uncover and share the latest and most exceptional street art from around the world. Happy exploring, and stay inspired!

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