6 Fresh Finds: Unveiling the Latest Treasures in the Post Graffiti Scene

Photo by @emili_bt.

1. By DavidL in Barcelona, Spain

DavidL is a Barcelona-based graffiti artist known for his distinctive style and vibrant colors. While there isn’t much public information available about DavidL, his work can be found adorning the streets of Barcelona and other locations, showcasing his talent and passion for graffiti art.

DavidL’s creations often incorporate bold, bright colors and intricate patterns, making his artwork stand out in the urban landscape. His work is a testament to the thriving street art scene in Barcelona, a city known for its rich history of artistic expression and graffiti culture.

If you’re eager to discover more about DavidL and stay updated on his latest creations, be sure to follow him on his Instagram account.

2. By Nuno Viegas at Expo Layup’s 2023 in Toulouse, France

Nuno Viegas is a talented graffiti artist hailing from Quarteira, Portugal. He has made a name for himself with his unique style and passion for the art form. Recently, Viegas showcased his latest work, “Writer x Gatekeeper,” which features spray paint on cut-out aluminum panels.

To stay updated on Nuno Viegas’s work, you can follow him on Instagram.

3. By Origi Davila in Salvador, Brazil at Bahia de Todas as Cores

To discover more of Origi Davila’s captivating work, be sure to follow him on his Instagram account.

4. By Siul FX from the Fx Crew

To explore more captivating work by Siul FX, don’t forget to follow his Instagram account.

5. By graffiti artist Erick Vergara

Follow Erick Vergara’s Instagram account!

6. “Xōchiquetzal” Ruben Esquivel at Lustre Pearl East in Austin, Texas (USA)

Ruben Esquivel’s interpretation of Xōchiquetzal. The Aztec goddess of art, dance, love and music. Follow Ruben Esquivel’s here.

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