GLITCH: A Lovely Blue Mural by Theora in Corsica, France

“GLITCH,” an ethereal mural by Theora hidden under a bridge in Corsica, France.

Featuring two girls, flowers, and a butterfly in various shades of blue, this captivating artwork is sure to charm you.

Theora’s skillful use of blue tones creates a dreamy atmosphere in this striking mural. The girls, surrounded by flowers and a butterfly, inhabit a serene, mystical realm. By placing “GLITCH” under a bridge, Theora transforms an overlooked space into a hidden gem, showcasing the power of street art to inspire and uplift.

The next time you’re wandering through Corsica, be sure to seek out Theora’s “GLITCH” mural and immerse yourself in its enchanting shades of blue.

For more by Theora, follow him on Instagram.

Corsica is a stunning Mediterranean island located in the southeast of France. It is known for its diverse and picturesque landscapes, which include rugged mountains, lush forests, and pristine beaches. This captivating island has a rich history and a distinct cultural identity, with influences from both French and Italian traditions.

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