One of the most iconic statues of Athens covered in snow!

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    Photo by Igor Mityakov

    “Dromeas,” also known as “The Runner,” is a famous statue located in Athens, Greece. It was created by Greek artist Costas Varotsos and is considered one of the most iconic sculptures in the city.

    The statue stands tall, towering over its surroundings, and is made entirely of jagged pieces of glass that are stacked on top of one another. These pieces of glass give the statue a unique, blurred appearance, making it look as though the runner is in motion. This effect is enhanced by the use of transparent glass, which allows light to pass through, giving the statue a sense of fluidity.

    Recently, the statue was covered in snow, adding another layer of beauty to its already stunning appearance. The snow highlights the jagged edges of the glass pieces, creating a striking contrast against the white blanket. This natural occurrence adds to the overall beauty of the statue and makes it an even more remarkable sight for those visiting Athens.

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