The Giant Greenish-Blue Dragon Mural That Comes to Life on a Three-Storey Building

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    Mural of the Seri Gumum Dragon

    At Kuantan art street in Pahang, Malaysia. Part of Project 06.

    The Seri Gumum Dragon: A Legendary Giant Serpent in Pahang Malay Folklore. Locally known as Nāga and often depicted as an Asian dragon, the creature is said to inhabit Chini Lake in Pahang, Malaysia. Many legends surround the Seri Gumum, including one that tells of the lake’s origin, and another that recounts a love story between a female Seri Gumum and a male Nāga, leading to the creation of Tioman and Lingga Islands.

    In Malaysian culture, the dragon is a revered and powerful symbol. It is said to be the ruler of all other mythical creatures, and is often associated with nobility, power, and good luck. The dragon is also a common motif in traditional Malaysian art and architecture, and can be found on buildings, textiles, and other decorative items.

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