106 Of The Most Beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2022

Greetings and welcome to our 2022 collection of 106 of the most cherished street art photos shared on Facebook

This year has been filled with incredible street art from all around the world, and we are thrilled to bring you a curated selection.

As you scroll through the collection, you’ll notice that most photos are accompanied by a link. By clicking on the link, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the artist, the story behind the piece, and see additional photos of the artwork. It’s a great way to dive deeper into the world of street art and discover new artists and styles.

And if you’re a street art enthusiast, we’ve got more where that came from! Be sure to check out our other collections, featuring some of the most beloved street art from years past.

From bold and colorful murals to thought-provoking and impactful installations, there’s something for everyone. So, whether you’re new to the world of street art or a seasoned pro, we invite you to explore, discover, and enjoy this vibrant and ever-evolving art form.

The Simpsons bus stop (6 photos) by the artist collective DUUDOOR in Campo Grande, Brazil. DUUDOOR consists of Eduardo Fernando Savala Sanches and Ernando Jacques Sanches, son and father.

Mural on Salvador Dalí and Vincent van Gogh by Nesui in Malaga, Spain

The Gray World of 2050: A Tale of Restricted Art and Self-Expression

My son, have you ever heard of something strange?

“Yes, tell me!” my son exclaimed with excitement.

“You know the new tree painting we did on the garage last week? Well, up until around the year 2050, it was not common for people to have paintings on their houses. Can you imagine that?”

“What? Were all the houses just gray?” my son asked in disbelief.

“Many of them were. People would usually paint their houses in one solid color, like blue or yellow, but it was rare to see more than one or two colors and almost never any pictures. Most apartment buildings, government buildings, and other structures were gray. Artists would sometimes go and paint on tunnels or grey municipal buildings, but their paintings would eventually be washed away by the government.”

“Was art forbidden?” my son asked, wide-eyed.

“Not exactly, but it had to be confined to specific buildings only. Some people believed that houses should not be painted with anything other than pale, solid colors. It was quite a dull and restrictive society.”

“Wow,” my son said, “that’s so boring.”

“Yes, my son, it was. But now, we have the freedom to express ourselves and add color and beauty to our surroundings. Now, let’s put on our jackets and go pick some fruit.”

6 pics: Lynx Cat – Made of plastic waste by BORDALO II in Lisboa, Portugal

The incredible ocean statue of Neptune (Poseidon) in Gran Canaria, Spain.

Exploring the Significance of Street Art: Why it Matters:

As an artist, I know firsthand how important self-expression is. For me, street art is one of the most powerful mediums to accomplish that. Because street art is often created outside of traditional art institutions, it allows us as artists to bypass gatekeepers and create work that is not constrained by gallery or museum regulations.

But street art is so much more than just self-expression. It’s also a powerful tool for making social and political commentary. As street artists, we frequently use our art to bring attention to issues like injustice, inequality, and poverty. Street art has the power to spark change by bringing attention to these important issues.

Not only that, but street art can also play an important role in community-building. It can help revitalize neighborhoods and give locals a sense of pride and ownership. And as someone who’s lived in many different communities, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful this can be.

And lastly, street art is an important form of cultural expression. It reflects the values, beliefs, and aspirations of the communities in which it’s created. It can be used to celebrate and preserve cultural history, as well as advance inclusivity and diversity.

Street art is an incredibly powerful and important form of self-expression, social and political commentary, community-building, and cultural expression. It plays a vital role in shaping our cities and communities.

By Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban in Kiev, Ukraine. Sasha Korban: I created this mural a few days ago in Kyiv, and at that time nearby were battles for the liberation of Bucha and Irpin took place.

Street artists in and outside of Ukraine are using their art as a form of resistance against the Russian invasion and occupation. Through their powerful and emotive work, they are giving voice to the experiences and aspirations of those affected by the war. They are providing a powerful reminder that art can play an important role in the struggle for justice and human rights.

Many artists have contributed touching art this past year and you’ll see more if you keep checking through this collection.

Beautiful artwork of a crying eye featuring Ukraine’s flag and bombing of capital Kyiv. By My Dog Sighs in Cardiff, Wales.

5 pics: Street Artist Seth on Putins War on Ukraine (in Paris)

By Chemis in Plzen, Czech Republic for Wallz Festival DEPO2015.

5 pics: Mural on normalising breastfeeding in Greenock, Scotland by Smug

Mural on the Kazan symbol: Leopard (by Gooze Art in Kazan, Russia)

Mural by Bozik in Kazan, Russia (3 photos)

You Blew Me Away 8 by sculptor Penny Hardy

10 murals: Patch Graffiti by TOBO in Berlin, Germany

The importance of an open and heartfelt WELCOME (by Pejac for Nuart in Aberdeen, Scotland)

Mural of Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family by Jay Mack in Toms River, New Jersey.

Sculpture of a canoe climbing a high-rise building in Osaka, Japan

By Oakoak.

9 Fragmented travelers – Amazing sculptures by Bruno Catalano

Between 2 Worlds – 3d graffiti by SCAF

“The Cut” by AleXsandro Palombo. Marge Simpson cuts her iconic hair in front of the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Milan.

Painted Octopus on a bollard by Lumen Street Theatre for a Scavenger Hunt they arranged in Limerick, Ireland.

Mural by Banksy in Ukraine on a building shelled by Russia. Shows a boy throwing Vladimir Putin to the ground in a judo match.

New Banksy in Ukraine.

Street Art by Banksy in Irpin, Ukraine.

Banksy, November 2022, Ukraine.

6 pics: Peace to Ukraine by Crey132 in Villiers-sur-Marne, France

The legacy of Miss. Tic: French Street Artist who used Art for Social Change

Miss. Tic 20.02.1956 — 22.05.2022. Miss. Tic was a French street artist who is known for her stencils of dark-haired women that can be found in the streets of Paris. Her work is often associated with poetry, as many of her stencils include text that is often thought-provoking and evocative. Miss. Tic began her career as a street artist in 1985, and has since become one of the most recognizable and respected figures in the French street art scene.

One of the things that sets Miss. Tic apart from other street artists is her use of stencils. She often used the same stencil repeatedly, but with subtle variations, to create a sense of continuity and familiarity in her work. This technique allows her to convey a powerful message with a minimal amount of visual clutter.

In addition to her street art, Miss. Tic is also known for her activism and her commitment to using art as a tool for social and political change. She has often used her art to comment on issues such as gender inequality, racism, and poverty.

Over the years, Miss. Tic has gained a devoted following of fans who appreciate her unique style, powerful messages, and the way she has helped to shape the landscape of street art in Paris. Her work can be seen in many of the most iconic locations in the city, and it continues to inspire and influence new generations of street artists. More art by Miss. Tic: To Live is the Bomb, Miss Tic – 1956 / 2022

By SKURK at Rå Skole in Bergen, Norway

Mural by The Visual Poet Cris Herrera Kiki in San Luis, Argentina

“The Wrong Amazon Is Burning” on the Amazon Tower in Berlin

Confused Peace Bird by Stevo in Genova, Italia.

This is Hollywood

Peace Dove by Pappas Pärlor in Motala, Sweden

“The Wave Is Coming” by Shozy for International Mural Festival (3 photos).

A tree fell on my fence. Making the best of it while I negotiate the repair.

Sleeping kitten by WA in Lima, Peru

“CANNOT” by Biancoshock in Lodi, Italy

3 pics: “Breathing” by Satr in Laon, France

18 Pics Of Land Art Sculptures by Jon Foreman – A Collection 2

By IGANA at Rivington street / Great Eastern St. in London, UK supported by London Mural Festival and GlobalStreetArt. Photo by @awalk.in.

By Beach4Art. They are a family of 4 who makes different beach art projects. They are inspired by beautiful nature around Devon, UK.

In Case Of War Break Glass #Ukraine

Aureus, 2022 by Jon Foreman and Clare Ferguson-Walker at Colby woods in Wales, UK.

Ever feel like you can’t breathe? By Speker in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

Male fragility – Mural by Alba Fabre Sacristán at Rexenera Fest in Carballo, Spain

This 2,000-year-old mosaic unearthed in Antakya is the world’s largest, extending over 9,000-square-foot (about 850 square meters)! Truly an astonishing sight.

A beautiful well preserved mosaic was discovered while digging between vineyards near Northern Italian city of Verona, The mosaics dates back to around 250-400 AD and probably once was part of an ancient Roman villa.

Dog Library: Take stick Leave a stick

In Istanbul, Turkey. They made a statue to honor a stray cat that used to sit in this position and watch the passers by. I lived there for a few months and they really love their cats (who are everywhere).

8 pics: Palestinian Artist Paints the Suffering of his People on Cactus Plants

Mural by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (6 photos): “I let go of what has weighed me down. Light as a feather, I ride the wind. Like Black folks have always done. Flying free above the structures built to confine us”

The elusive Pink Smomerfield (3 photos). By Kid30 and Grim Finga in London, UK with help of GlobalStreetArt.

Green house made from recycled church stained glass windows (by Heywood and Condie in London, England)

Guard dog 🐺 by ROO in Kingston upon Thames, UK

Mural by SMOK in Antwerp, Belgium.

Mosaic of a fish pond by Gary Drostle in London, UK (and some more artworks by the mosaic master)

Unite against oppression! By TVBOY at Bar Virreina in Barcelona, Spain. On the killing of the iranian woman Mahsa Amini and the protests that followed.

Mural by Bruno Althamer at the back of the Branicki Palace, Nowy Świat, Warsaw, Poland. 6 pics: Four Seasons tribute to Kora in Warsaw, Poland

Cat Lover by Spray Lover in Lisbon, Portugal (4 photos)

3D chalk art by Nate Baranowski at Festival of the Arts in Florida

Street Art of Putin behind bars by Pappas Parlor in Motala, Sweden

Putin as Lord Voldemort by Kawu in Wilda, Poznań, Poland (updated)

6 pics: “Peace Off” – Street Art of Peace Dove Pooping on Vladimir Putin by Nimi in Stavanger, Norway

By ZooN & DelysiD in Südvorstadt, Leipzig, Germany. 4 pics: Obelix in Ukraine colors hitting Putin off the hearth

Ukraine is now fighting to protect their future and their freedom – By Chemis in Prague

Adbusting of Vladimir Putin as “Putler” (Adolf Hitler) on advertisement for Gillette by Andrea Villa in Turin, Italy

See it all: 15,947 blue ceramic tiles – The Chapel of Souls

Captain hook by EFIX! More by him: Street Art by EFIX in Montpellier, France (5 photos)

Wanksy graffitiing giant penises on to potholes so that the council would clear them up faster

Absent – Mural by Innerfields Berlin, Germany.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: I Got Rich Through Hard Work Your Work.

Queen Elizabeth II by CATMAN in London, UK

Placing a giant novelty dildo on top of the £300,000 sculpture of Baroness Thatcher in St Peter’s Hill in Grantham (her home town in Lincolnshire, England) is very disrespectful.

Say no to plastic! Mural by SMUG in Margate, UK. For Rise Up Residency, curated by Louis Masai. Photo by M_FRENCHI. Organised to raise awareness pf the ocean conservation and the issues raised by plastic near and in our oceans.

6 pics: Serpent of the Ocean by Huang Yong Ping in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, France

Street Art on Elon Musk after he bought Twitter.

Vanyu Krastev brings Bulgarian streets to life by adding googly eyes to objects. Eyebombing Bulgaria (14 photos).

Sunlight through this fountain in L’Aquila, Italy, makes it look like it’s pouring lava

There’s a bird nesting in the “S” of the Sony building and it’s shitting everywhere

Mural from by Lalone in Málaga, Spain. Photo by Marisol.

A Snow bear Hug <3

104-year-old Grace Brett, was a member of band of guerilla knitters and was thought to be the oldest street artist/yarn-bomber in the world

Christmas Un-Tree (by Bordalo II)

When it’s so cold the ghost trying to haunt you freezes to death.

Punk’s not dead.

King Kong Balls is a 5.04 meters long, 2.10 meters wide, 2.25 meters high, Weight 2780 kg Bronze sculpture by Sculptor Denis Defrancesco

This gate is a masterpiece of optical illusion – Gymnasium Theresianum, Vienna

People fixing it.

I did it, boss. I finished the job.

Montagne de Bueren, a 374-step stairway in Liège, Belgium.

“La Contemplación” – Mural by Jhonathan Principe Mamani in Iquitos, Peru.

“Na Putu” mural by Sebas Velasco in Čačak, Serbia

‘The Invisibility Of Poverty’ – Street Art by Kevin Lee

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