18 Pics Of Land Art Sculptures by Jon Foreman – A Collection 2

Jon Foreman Sculpt The World

By Jon Foreman, land/sculpture artist based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.

Lux Tenebris, 2021

Jon Foreman: Created at Pensarn, Abergele. This was the last piece I made in 2021! I was glad to have gotten the chance to work on a large scale again, it had been a while! As ever I had an idea that changed as I progressed but I love that this one has curves going horizontally and vertically with a kind of half pipe effect (a curved ramp of stones either side). Also very lucky to have had the chance to capture the sea engulfing it. Although it was coming in very fast it was coming very calmly which allowed me to get plenty of photos, got my feet wet for this shot!

Crescent, 2021

Jon Foreman: Created at Lindsway Bay, Pembrokeshire. I’m so used to following the circle round further that its hard to break the habit. Glad to have managed it with this one though! It really feels like it merges into the sand, which is something that I’m not sure I’ve succeeded in doing in the past. At least not as well as this one.


Dissicio Quadratum, 2021

Created at Freshwater West.


Circumflexus, 2022

Jon Foreman: Created for Llano Earth Art Fest Texas. This is the most intensive work I’ve created and took four days to complete! I initially started with the largest stones making the back of the circle, as the stones got smaller I began to realise the time that would be involved. I’d love to know how many there actually are! Photo by Laurence Winram Photography.

Fluidus, 2022

Jon Foreman: Yes it looks like a jellyfish, no its not meant to be one. I’m not trying to suppress any imagination but for me I’m essentially trying to create something that doesn’t yet exist so that attachment to something that does exist gets on my nerves haha also feels like its oversimplifying the work a bit… But call it what you want haha!

This one was actually created before “Peruersum” (The 4 day piece created at LEAF) and is what Peruersum was based on. The difference being that I didn’t have the time fill a full circle for this one so I got the opportunity at LEAF. I love creating the familiarity between pieces of work without directly repeating something. Having said that, i don’t know that I could directly repeat a piece of work without it becoming a tiny bit different!

Also the sand was really annoying that day and every time I put a stone into the sand it created the cracks you can see between the stones, interesting effect i suppose


Acervus Circlus, 2022

Jon Foreman: Created at Freshwater West. I love working like this, finding colours that contrast well and placing on top of one another. Very satisfying work to do, showing freshwater Wests colours in a different way, although I usually add white too I thought amongst these white may stand out too much.

Expletio Duo, 2021

Jon Foreman: Created at Freshwater West. This piece is 1 in a 3 part set that I’m trying to get made. Many of you will have seen “Expletio” which is a single spiral using these same colours and this fractal style of working. I shall at some stage be creating the third in the set which will be a triple spiral in the same style! Anyway this one proved more fiddly than the previous version, I think I must have downscaled it a bit and that coupled with cold/windy weather made for difficult work. Got there in the end though!

Druid Spiral, 2022

Jon Foreman: Created at Druidston I love working with the slate at this beach, definitely has a different vibe and colour, I’ll have to get back there again soon!

Sinking Circle, 2021

Jon Foreman: Although I don’t consider myself an especially good photographer I’m very happy with how this one turned out, aside from the work itself looking good (and with this angle showing the incline more clearly) aside from the work I think I caught the atmosphere of the day which isn’t often very obvious in my work! Also love the water making the edge of the stones glow and they disappear into the distance, I’m all about depth within the sculpture why not outside the sculpture too.

Lumen, 2021

Jon Foreman: Created at Freshwater West. A couple of years back I created a very similar piece to this, the only difference being that the stones were previously placed flat. I feel the sense of movement is enhanced with them placed this way really radiating outward as they disperse.

Nether Flower, 2021

Jon Foreman: Created at Freshwater West. Couldn’t resist sharing this angle with the shadows! This one got a little bit messy in the middle because of the nature of the placement in the space available. I have to start in the middle and slot the next layer behind the previous so the more I add the less space there is in the small “hole” I made for this. So yeah they got a little bit squashed but I can live with that!

Above Below, 2022

Jon Foreman: Created at Freshwater West. Another mushroom creation, couldn’t resist making use of the massive branch of driftwood. Again these are just stones balanced on sticks accept where they go over the driftwood. A fun one for sure… More mushrooms to come!

Shroom Sheet, 2022

Jon Foreman: Created at Freshwater West I’ve done quite a lot now with shrooms, yes they’re stones balanced on sticks, no – its not as difficult as it seems! .. until you start putting them very close together… But until creating this piece I’ve yet to work with them while incorporating colour (or more precisely colour change) as with this one! I’ll likely do more at some stage!

Obnatus Luna, 2020

Jon Foreman: These stones are often buried under the sand when there’s been particularly high tides so I have to hope they’re not buried every time!


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