This is a symbolic celebration of the end of winter and the arrival of spring – By Miguel Peralta in Castro Caldelas, Spain

Street Artist Miguel Peralta

By Miguel Peralta at Rúa Pequena, 11 in Castro Caldelas, Spain for Ribeira Sacra. Photos by Xarda S. Coop. Galega.

The street art mural is a vibrant and striking depiction of the traditional “Festa dos Fachós” in Spain. The mural is painted in bright, bold colors and features several figures carrying large bundles of hay that are set ablaze. The theme of fire is prominent in the mural, with flames leaping and dancing in the background. The mural is a tribute to the hardworking people of Spain and their celebration of the Festa dos Fachós.

The mural is set on a city street, bringing the traditional festival to the urban environment. The figures depicted in the mural are dressed in traditional clothing, carrying their tools of the trade and the hay bundles that are set on fire. The mural captures the essence of the Festa dos Fachós, a traditional festival celebrated in many parts of Spain, usually in rural areas, where farmers and villagers carry large bundles of hay and set them on fire. This is a symbolic celebration of the end of winter and the arrival of spring, as well as a tribute to the hard work of farmers and manual workers.

The mural serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Spain and the importance of the Festa dos Fachós in the country’s history and culture. It also highlights the power of fire, as a destructive force but also as a tool for renewal and growth. The mural is a powerful tribute to the enduring spirit of the Spanish people and their celebration of the Festa dos Fachós, bringing it to a wider audience through its location in the city.

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