Floating Earth is an installation by artist Luke Jerram in London, UK

Sculptor Luke Jerram

Floating Earth is an installation by artist Luke Jerram. It is a spherical sculpture of the Earth that is designed to float on water. The installation was recently installed in Canary Wharf, London as part of the Winter Lights festival. The sculpture is intended to highlight the fragility of our planet and encourage people to think about their impact on the environment.

The Floating Earth sculpture is made from detailed NASA imagery and is seven meters in diameter. It is designed to float on a pool of water and is illuminated from within, creating a beautiful and striking visual effect. The installation is interactive and visitors can walk around and inside the sculpture, giving them a unique perspective on the planet.

Luke Jerram’s Floating Earth installation has been on display in various locations around the world and it is typically presented as part of a public art event, such as a festival. The installation aims to generate conversations about the environment and encourage people to take action to protect the planet.

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