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    A hopscotch game leading to an ATM

    As you walk down the busy street, your eyes are drawn to numbers on the sidewalk. It’s a hopscotch game, complete with bright, bold numbers and a whimsical design. You can’t help but smile as memories of your own childhood hopscotch games come flooding back.

    As you get closer, you notice that the hopscotch path leads to a bankomat, or ATM. It’s an unexpected twist, but it makes perfect sense. After all, life is like a hopscotch game – full of twists and turns that take us to unexpected places.

    As you stand in front of the ATM, you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ve followed the hopscotch path and made it to your destination, just like in the game. And now, you can make a withdrawal and continue on your journey through life.

    You take a quick picture of the street art, and continue your walk with a smile, feeling grateful for the small joys in life, like a hopscotch game leading to an ATM.

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