Bordalo II: FIFA 22 – PLAYING IN GRAVE YARDS (4 photos)

Street Artist Bordalo II

By Bordalo II on FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Bordalo II: On one hand, the multicultural group of illegal immigrants and slaves ( !!???) who died while building these 21sr century arenas is impressive. On the other, the superficial and perverse way the facts stated above were ignored, for the sake of the Great Football Party to happen without issue.

Talking about building these arenas, let’s dig into where all this taking place: In a land of opportunities, where what counts is the economy and monnies, but fanaticism and [total] disrespect for human rights are ignored by locals and by who goes there for business. Team work, union and fairplay move inside small borders after all. Or just to look good. Because the word “World” had very little global meaning, or respect.

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