Oil Shot

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    Is this about the climate crisis or oil prices?

    Photo from Seoul, South Korea by unknown artist.

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    1. Maybe both? The physical, industrial, technological strength and cleverness that humans have gotten almost solely from oil and gas has done a lot more havoc than just rapid climate change. Oil is needed for the production of plastic, plastic is needed for almost everything we do/have. Our homes, our stuff, transport, our jobs, medicine, farming, military – the list is endless, imagine removing plastic. Oil and gas are also directly fueling the processes in all those fields and places, energy wise – which then of course means most of all kinds of polluting, poisoning, emptying out and killing off that humans do. Which will of course kill ourselves too.
      No matter how you look at it our civilization is built from fossile sources, and as we know the substance will run out. Even if they’ll manage to find new solutions, different crisis related to oil will of course destroy and kill many.
      (But to be frank I think the artist was thinking of the gas prices).

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