The eyes – Mural by Cobre in Great Falls, Montana, USA

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    Street Artist Cobre

    By the Argentinian based muralist Cobre in Great Falls, Montana, USA for Arts Fest Montana curated by CAMER1sf.

    Cobre: It’s so easy to get lost in his gaze, because I love his eyes. They are brown. Black coffee, without sugar… That coffee that makes you sleepy, coffee that makes you sleepless. Another night without being able to sleep, because of that coffee, which tomorrow I will want again.
    Because that’s the only way I realize, that I’m not dreaming. I love to paint the eyes I love to see. Mural for Arts Fest Montana curated by my brother CAMER1sf, one of the greatest experiences I had so far, I felt so blessed to see that amazing part of the world. And had so much fun! Thank you.


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