MISFIT by Leeon Keer at Taurus Castle (France)

3D Street Artist Leon Keer

‘MISFIT’ by Leon Keer at Taurus Castle in Plouezoc’h, France.

Leon Keer: ‘MISFIT’ my latest anamorphic artwork fOr MX ARTS TOUR at Château du Taureau en Baie de Morlaix France. Under the Ancien Régime, most of the prisoners at the Château were Breton aristocrats, which where put in prison at the request of their own families, anxious to avoid dishonour. Libertinism, misalliance, madness, an immoderate taste for alcohol or gambling can certainly lead to a forced stay at the Château during those days. ‘Prisoners’ living expenses where covered by the aristocrat families. An idea that fits in a certain period. Luckily we have learned to accept each other’s idiosyncrasies more, but unfortunately there is still no question of complete acceptance. Thanks Zag Priv, Massina, Jennifer and Maud for the support and my well-being. Jean Paul Vermot for your support in the arts in the region. This area has special place in my heart.


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