“Asclepias speciosa” by Mona Caron in Denver, Colorado

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    Street Artist Mona Caron

    “Asclepias speciosa” / Showy milkweed by Mona Caron in Denver, Colorado, USA.

    Photo by Veracidade

    Mona Caron: Found sprouting through the gravel across the street, and painted through the quickest and most dramatic weather shifts I’ve ever experienced, wild milkweed is a microcosm reflecting our condition as we face what’s coming. Will the mysterious sap of our host plan(e)t keep protecting us, or will the shifting temperatures affect its complex and perfect recipe, turning milk into a deadly cocktail?

    Monarchs of the earth, we shall no longer be. Come back, milkweed. Show your muscle. Take us down, take it all back. Let worthier monarchs hatch, for us to follow as they fly. 🦋

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