Proteger – Mural by Duek Glez in Mexico City

Street Artist Duek Glez

“Proteger” (Protect) by Duek Glez in Mexico City.

Duek Glez (direct translation): On this occasion I wanted to reflect a theme of migration of people from other states to Mexico City. Since a long time ago some have chosen to have a better life in the city. Although some do not know that the monster that is the city is, not always completely pleasant for them. Even so they make the decision to protect and give their family a better future. Due to work issues and different systems in how society moves, now those of us who belong to the big city, it is always a topic of conversation where we come from. In my case my mother are from Guanajuato and my father from Puebla. It is very interesting to know where our parents or grandparents come from, the Iguana is a representation of the people who come from the coast and the Xoloitzcuintle is the part of who accompanies them on this dangerous road as well as on the road to Mictlān.

More Duek Glez: “Macuilxochitl” in Indios Verdes, Mexico City


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