6 pics: Mural by Filite in Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Street Artist Filite

Part of the Morphos series by Filite in Poços de Caldas, Brazil. Photos by Kauana Benelli.

Filite: After a few months without painting on the street. I was already forgetting how special the interactions that happen by the simple act of unpretentiously painting a street wall are. The lady (Dona Edina) who lives in front and has been following the work since the beginning. The other lady offering water and coffee. People who stop to exchange ideas. Very special experiences… simple things that refresh the spirit, people being people in real life.

I wanted to leave a thought for those who follow my work and read this simple text so far. We try to be strong all the time, work hard every day to get things we don’t have yet but sometimes we miss the greatness of everything we’ve already conquered and also the love of the people around us. This world is getting crazier every day, the system increasingly imposing social/behavioral standards that are impossible to achieve. Stay tuned friends.. let’s simplify ourselves. For this art I took as a reference a photo taken by my partner Kauana Benelli who happened to do a photoshoot on the theme Metamorphosis with the model Nathalia Eva. I consider this result to be part of the creation of the three involved 🖤🦋


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