Street Artist Farid Rueda

“BLOOD BROTHERS 2.0” by Farid Rueda in Paris, France for COLORS FESTIVAL PARIS.

Love Peace Union

Farid Rueda: I don’t like it when art touches on political or social issues, on the contrary, I have always thought that the function and beauty of art is precisely to escape from reality, the possibility of glimpsing a better future or a different present. But how do I tell my hands not to paint what my heart and mind feel and think.

This painting is not just another painting of animal faces, at least not for me. I would like to have the power that with my painting I can heal and call for union, that no matter how different we are, we are part of everything. We are the same body, the same soul, the same face. Two faces forming one, the same story, the same future.

Thank you to COLORS FESTIVAL PARIS for bring me here, the support and attention to me. A real pleasure be part of this edition.


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