STOP (CLET on Putins war on Ukraine)

Street Artist CLET


CLET Studio: The first bomb dropped in Ukraine was a declaration of failure signed Vladimir Putin. The moral justifications, the high-sounding words and the whole apparatus of ideas that we can reconstruct are no longer worth anything in front of the war because its ultimate purpose is to declare a winner, not to prove who’s right who’s wrong.

CLET: It is now impossible not to see Putin for what he is: a bloodthirsty dictator who has always been manipulating and lying to his people and other nations. I am chocked at how unnecessarily cruel can become a human being, and seeing a large part of the Russian people unaware of the horror of the war in Ukraine makes us understand how important information, knowledge and culture are. America is certainly criticisable for many reasons, but Putin remains solely responsible for his decisions.

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