5 pics: This is a mural of a critically endangered Axolotl also known as a Mexican salamander by Louis Masai in Mexico City.

Street Artist Louis Masai

“Axolotl” by Louis Masai in Mexico City.

Louis Masai: First mural of 2022 and first international painting BC19 – Roma Mexico City! This is a critically endangered Axolotl also known as a Mexican salamander. They only live in mexico in three waterways: Chalco Lake, Chapultepec Lake and Xochimilco Lake which is polluted.

Their population of mature adults in the wild is around 50-1000 individuals! Which means that there is a disproportionately larger captive population in aquariums around the world! Threats: International pet industry, local food, local medicine, invasive species, housing developments, domestic, industrial, agricultural, and garbage pollution.

This wall was made possible by my local homeslice Alex Revilla, biggup for being a legend and hosting us in mexico city! One love


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