Our fight for a social awakening – Mural by Spear in Mulhouse, France

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    Street Artist Spear

    By Spear in Mulhouse, France for M.U.R Mulhouse Association.

    Spear: What I wanted here was to re-appropriate the vocabulary of protest and empower the activists by sharing a harmonious and graceful message/image. The idea of protest is always loaded with violence due to the image that mainstream media share. They always show riots, destruction and violence instead of focussing on the real message that a protest shares. Like if protesting was a bad thing, and we all should low our voices down.

    I wanted here to remember that most protests are people walking together sharing the same idea, defending the same value and that is something beautiful, positive and essential to the well being of our society. We have social rights thanks to protest made in the past and we will keep them thanks to protest of today.


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