PEACE – Russian and Ukrainian women hugging when the war Putin started going on

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    Street Artist Laika

    By Laika1954 on 8 march in Rome, Italy.

    Laika: МИР – PEACE, ACT II “It is a dramatic 8 March. The war that is raging particularly affects women and children, civilian victims number in the tens of thousands after years of conflict that began in 2014 and which has experienced a devastating escalation in recent weeks. Ukrainian women and the Russian ones are united by the atrocities they are undergoing. Those who have lost their homes, who have a husband, a child, who their own life in a war between brotherly peoples who, all of a sudden, find themselves enemies for economic interests and politicians of those who govern them.
    And then we get the images of the peace negotiations in which not even a woman is present. Today I want to celebrate all Russian and Ukrainian women because none of them would have wanted this war. “


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