6 pics: All parties lie, each eyewitness has his own truth

Street Artist Pro Boy Nick

“Snow on the screen” by dirty van art expert Pro Boy Nick (Nikita Golubev) somewhere in Russia.

Pro Boy Nick: (direct translation from Russia): “Snow on the screen. You will not see the truth from TV, or videos on YouTube. All parties lie, each eyewitness has his own truth. The main thing to remember is that in all this we must remain people who are able to listen, understand and talk. Stay close and don’t cut ties with friends, even if you have a violent fight on the background of the agenda. The war is going on not only in Ukraine (oh, this is not a war‚Ķ*) The war is going on in our minds and families. Hold on to loved ones, try not to multiply hatred and panic. No war.”

*In Russia they call this “a special operation”, not a war (red:s anm).

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